Technical Security Analysis

Besides Security Management and Security Awareness Technical Security Analyses are our third area of core competences. Though we consider this task not detached from the Security Management approach and the awareness measures within your organization but rather as integrated part.

Technische Sicherheitsanalysen Penetrationstests | Code Reviews | Hacker Workshops
Technical security analyses go into detail.

Do you fear criminal hackers?

Find out with the help of our staff if your fear is justified. We attack customer IT systems and networks, thereby simulating the methods of illegal attackers. Thus we can detect the weak spots and give support, if required, for eliminating them. Each of our steps will be meticulously planned with our customer and fully documented. Let us find your open doors together before others do.

Our analyses team consists of academic hackers, who are amongst the world elite at international competitions (reports in our Blog).

Our approach

Technical security analyses in the „touch and go modus“ are not the approach of CycleSEC – we will not leave you alone when it is time to cope with the findings in the reports. We do our duty and answer questions when your technical staff and management wants answers to how the arisen findings can be worked off. Thereby we put emphasis within both dimensions on preparing workshops and follow-up workshops, in which we work together on mitigating measures.


We see technical security analyses as a unity with the security management and the practiced security culture. Technical security analyses should carry along the staff who work with it. The follow-up requires efficient steering via ISMS. If this is not ensured, much of the impact is lost or even a negative attitude amongst your technical staff may be caused.

Find out in a conversation how CycleSEC can help you with technical security analyses (penetration tests, code reviews, etc.) by taking a detailed look.

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