Security Awareness

There is more to successful security awareness measures than just posters and flyers. In the efforts of increasing security awareness, above all, an improvement of the practiced security culture is in the focus.

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Via security awareness you reach the people in your company.

Because every starting point for security culture is individual for every company, each proposed solution approach has to be individually customized, too. Hereby the people and communication relations in your organization take the center stage. Security awareness is a communication measure for which security know-how alone is not enough. CycleSEC helps you improve your efforts to enhance the security culture.


By means of security awareness measures we put the communication with your staff in sphere with your information security management system (ISMS) and your technical security measures. Neither of the three issues can do without the others and if coordinated in an appropriate way, they mutually reinforce each other. Talk to us and you will learn how we can get this circulation going in your company, so that your security budget achieves its maximum effect.

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